Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Print Checks for Free / A New Cheque Writer

As a young boss, I have to manage a new accounting girl. Out of frustration, I develop a simple cheque writer after she mis-spell the wordings on the cheque three times to an impatient creditor. Here come the birth of yongAccount free cheque writer.

Writing cheque or check is a very tedious and error prone task. It can easily be automated with pricey accounting software. In 2010, there are now website to print cheque online for free. Such invention is possible with the growth of office broadband.

http://YongAccount.homeip.net is an easy to use and revolutionary online checkprinter. It is completely free as it uses only your Internet Explorer and your existing printer. You do not need to purchase any additional hardware to print a cheque. Please view a quick demonstration video on yongAccount.

It prints on all bank cheque. If your cheque is not found on yongAccount, you can easily customize it yourself. It has a community of users who customize yongAccount for their own unique check. Whatever cheque template created by the communityis available for you to use.

It can print on both basic and multifunction printers. Most basic printer does not need any setting to use yongAccount. However, if you are using a multifunction printer, you can simply customize a paper size for the cheque at your printing preference.

YongAccount supports batch printing. You can key in all the payee names and amount to pay before sending them to the printer. It saves lots of time if you have to issue 20 cheques each time.

YongAccount has a automatic number to word conversion. You will only need to enter the amount in digit and it will automatically turn it into correct spelling. The chances of payee name misspelling is minimized as you only need to select the payee name.

You can option for a login to use yongAccount. With secured login via facebook application, you can view a summary report of your outgoing cheque activities. You can also set up to print a payment voucher together with your cheque. The job of an accountant has never been easier.

Using YongAccount for cheque printing is very easy. There is no download or installation. All you need to do is to go to http://YongAccount.homeip.net, enter a payee name, a amount and print a check at home!

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YongAccount Developer
Print cheque for free!


  1. it's helpful and easy use, but Malaysia not accept the 'dollars' word and just accept 'ringgits' word..can u make the field of currency words exactly same with the field of figure? or make option currency for selection. thank you.